Waste incineration system mainly consists of the following categories:

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(1) Layer waste incineration system, such as rotary grate, horizontal reciprocating feeding grate and incline reciprocating grate (including pusher and reverse type incline reciprocating grate) and the like. The layer incineration is mainly featured with non-strict pretreatment of waste. The rotary grate and reciprocating grate have stronger poking capability, which is more suitable for municipal waste incineration of low calorific value and high ash;

 (2) Fluidized bed incineration system is characterized by waste suspended incineration, which enables full contact of air and waste to achieve good combustion effect. However, fluidized bed incineration requires fuel particles with a more uniform size and stoking, and thereby is generally not suitable for waste of chunks. In this sense, fluidized bed incineration system is strict with waste pretreatment and is constrained for further development in the field of industrial waste and municipal solid waste incineration.

(3) Rotary cylinder incinerator, characterized by stocking the waste into the cylinder rotating continuously and slowly until exhausted, enables well contact of the air and waste and complete incineration. Most of the Western countries prefer this kind of incinerators to handle and dispose toxic and hazardous industrial waste.

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