Intensive efforts and services in the market for 20 years;

   Establishment of the brand of Jingqiu with over 30 projects;

   Market share of hazardous waste incineration in Jiangsu up to 50%;

Brand is the symbol of value for a mature enterprise. By virtue of the quality products and professional services, Jinqiu has established a brand image of value inChinaand enjoyed favorably high reputation and recognition in the industry and the market based on its continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation and improvement of technical conditions, service capabilities and management mechanism.



   Two Subsidiaries;

   Two Equipment Production Bases;

24,000 square meters of plant area

   Over 80 front-line employees and more than 20 technical backbones: unity is strength!

Opportunities vouchsafed by Heaven are less important than terrestrial advantages, which in turn are less important than the unity among people. An excellent team speaks for the core competitiveness for the sustainable development of an enterprise to continue. Jinqiu Environmental protection has always been committed to team building and uphold the professional spirit and dedicated work style, to work steadily and surely so as to obtain unanimous approval from customers.



       Pursue Excellence, Advance Innovation

       Independent design team and R & D center

       A High-tech enterprise with a number of patents in environmental protection

Innovation is the soul of business survival and development. Based on innovation, Jinqiu adopts the quality policy of creation for quality products, development for new products, services for customers and continuity for improvement, to increasingly foster its technological innovation and research and development, and thereby remains invincible in the severe market competition.



      AAA Level Credit Rating

      Certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 Systems

      Project Acceptance Rate of 100%, 8h emergency mechanism, and life-long maintenance services!

Man can't do anything without a good credit, and an enterprise fails to develop without integrity. It is integrity that enables an enterprise to be established in the market. Jinqiu has taken integrity as the cornerstone for development, and operates businesses with good faith and standardized management under strict compliance to laws and regulations, which in turn gives it reputation and recognition in the industry and the market.


  • Jinqiu Brand

    Jinqiu Brand

    Jiangsu Jinqiu Environment Science & Technology Co., Ltd is developed based on Jingjiang Jinqiu Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Staff


    The brand "Jinqiu Green" has been established in 1993.

  • Service Principles

    Service Principles

    The company provides a complete set of environmental engineering and related technical consulting services to satisfy different environmental protection programs of various enterprises.